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Horses of course!

Horses are everywhere!
They are in songs:  "A Horse With No Name", "Wild Horses", "Wild Fire", "Bring On The Dancing Horses", "Tennessee Stud", "Silver Stallion" and "Back In The Saddle Again" are just some of many more.
Horses are often used in common phrases:  "a horse of a different color", "eat like a horse", "hold your horses", "horse sense", "l

NOSTALGIA loves hats!

Hats, hats and more hats! We can't get enough of them here at NOSTALGIA! Below is just a small sampling of what we have in the store. Not pictured are men's fedoras, berets and cowboy hats, but we have them! Come in and try them on.   Add to your wardrobe a touch of vintage and individual style. NOSTALGIA loves hats!

Napoleon Approved New Arrivals @ NOSTALGIA

"Napoleon Approved New Arrivals"
Napoleon loves new arrivals at Nostalgia!
vintage clock & egg cups
stacked lockers
vintage night stands & danish modern style lamp
cigar boxes
vintage metal industrial secretary cabinet
lava lamps
vintage goldtone clock (with original box)
retro white mirror shelf with vintage knick knacks

Oscar and Felix - Volume 1 Picks

Since Oscar and Felix are the newest employees at Nostalgia they have to do more work than just looking cute. These feisty brothers have gone around the store and picked some of their favorite finds to share with you.  Here is the first volume of many more to come of: "Oscar and Felix Picks" - enjoy!
vintage ceramic cats and an earring / jewelry holderhand made needle felted cat nip cat toys
old wooden blocks
black cat pitcher
vintage diploma cat bookend

Ephemera @ NOSTALGIA

ephemera  plural ofe·phem·er·a(Noun)
  1. Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
  2. Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness
We love ephemera at NOSTALGIA! The fonts, artwork, information, design and pictures are so unique. Amazing how disposable pieces of everyday life are mini time capsules of the past. What do we throw away now that would be appreciated years down the road?




NOSTALGIA on MCCALLA will be opening this Saturday - December 1, 2012!
After 6 years with one location, we've decided to expand and have a second Nostalgia location..... on McCalla.   With over 11,000 sq. feet, we will be able to meet all your home furnishing needs. 
There will be everything from: vintage, shabby chic, antique, industrial, mid century items to clothing, accessories, art, vinyl records and retro kitsch.
We look forward to seeing you at our second location and helping you make your home everything you dream of!

Vintage and now more vintage!

So, technically this is really a blog. It's really just news.....but it's exciting news!  After 2 years of searching, we have finally found a location for a second Nostalgia.  I never realized how many things there were to consider when looking for a second store.  I am just beginning to see how fortunate I was when I found the building we have been in for the past 5 1/2 years.  So imagine my surprise when I really had to go hunting and hunting and hunting.  But I do believe that we have found a good place for a second "home".  Right now it's pretty much an empty....very large shell, but hopefully in the next 3 weeks, we will transform it into a fabulous new space.  I hope you all will come see what is new and exciting at 1401 McCalla Ave here in Knoxville.  It's pretty easy to get to.  If you are in the old city, take Jackson Ave out past Barleys.  Just a little ways down the road it becomes McCalla Ave and you will see us on the left.  It's almost twice as big as our original store, so we are hoping for twice as much fabulousness!!!  Check us out this December!!

What is vintage?

Not being tech savy, I have to admit that I have never "blogged"before.  Honestly I haven't really read many blogs.  So, of course, it seems natural that I would start writing a blog.......???  So I  will apologize in advance for any blogging faux pas that I might make in this process. Mostly I hope that you will enjoy some information that I pass along to you.  

So, Hi I'm Amie Swanson and I own Nostalgia here in Knoxville, Tennessee. I love vintage and unique things, which is why I started Nostalgia almost 6 years ago.
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Horses of course!
NOSTALGIA loves hats!
Napoleon Approved New Arrivals @ NOSTALGIA
Oscar and Felix - Volume 1 Picks
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Horses of course!
Napoleon Approved New Arrivals
New second location - NOSTALGIA on MCCALLA
NOSTALGIA on MCCALLA photos - part 1
Oscar & Felix - Volume 1 Picks
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