NOSTALGIA - The Vintique Market
Happy Customers
We would love to see your purchases at home, being worn, etc! Email us a picture and we'll post them here!
(Click on the photos to enlarge.)
Suzanne picked out this amazing dinosaur
for her daughter's birthday!  Ashlyn is five and loves dinosaurs!
Caitlin picked up a variety of vintage goodies!
Dixie now owns this cool and comfy chair!
You bet your life Kelly took Groucho home with her! 
 Angelica and Amanda left happy with the purchases of
a sterling Aztec calendar ring and a magic candle!
Jena picked up this wonderful vintage dress that
she'll take back home to New Orleans!
Temple is going to put this kitchen island and ship scene painting
in her new home!
Dennis, Tim and Paloma picked up this coffee table!
Rob shows off his vintage outfit
he purchased for his 70's theme party! 
Lee & Jeremy read a little something before taking
these chairs to their new home.
Nina purchased this chair and its twin for her new store.
Barb is wearing her fun vintage hat and holding a
paint by number classic!
Nicole found this large inflatable beer bottle
that she is giving as a present!
Roger and Michael from Nashville are taking back
with them a large dog statue and two fun
Christmas sweater vests!
Besties Ricky & Rachel found a mini mad men industrial desk
that will be used as a prop!
Tayler picked out this cool green coat to go back
to New York City with her!
Danny & Sam from Atlanta, GA purchased
mid century curtain panels and bed cover for their home!
Laura & Suzanne from Tupelo, MS picked up a
Christmas sweater, old register wheel and other goodies!
It was meant for Lindsey to take home this pink kitty figure
since she eyed it every time she visited!
Super sweet and super excited Zoe wearing her first
fancy hat that she picked out!
Pamela and Sara found two vintage winter coats
that will keep them warm this season!
This gentleman is taking home two vintage 1960's
Christmas lights!
Mary took home a
one of a kind kitchen island!
 This lovely lady looks and feels fabulous in her
vintage brilliant blue winter coat!
 Kayla is wearing a vintage navy & white long dress
that she wear at a Christmas event.
Meg, Garrett and Taylor are getting ready for Halloween
with vintage nurse outfits and a leather fringe coat.
(If the names are wrong - please let us know.)
Trey and Emma bought some vinyl LP records!
We have loads to choose from.
Carrie is taking home this lovely mirror and a set of cornhole games!
Kelsey picked up this rocker to give to a little one she knows!
Jasmine scored this silver swimsuit!
drop leaf table
June fell in love with this drop leaf table & had to have it in her home!
russel wright pitcher
Cayd and Little Rylan picked out a Russel Wright pitcher for the "Mrs./Mom".... it's a Valentine surprise!
Happy customers
Little Kayla & Laura found a pretty feather headband, big foam dice and other goodies to play with!
heywood wakefield
George is happy he bought this Heywood Wakefield buffet server and the matching HW table & chairs.
vintage fur coat
Leslie will stay warm in her new cool coat!
(Leslie - drop by again with your coat & I will retake your photo.)
vintage 70's denim suit
Cheryl looks fab in her vintage 70's denim
patchwork jacket and pants set!
vintage leather sofa
Michelle snagged this couch along with a groovy green
velvet chair and ottoman!
vintage credenza
Dustin and Lisa will wake the neighbors cranking up the music with their vintage, danish style console stereo!
Stereo set up at their home.
mid century modern stereo. happy customers
Happy customer
Local artist Samuel scored this obscure vintage toy for a project!
vintage dress
Kennedie had to have these fabulous vintage dresses!
vintage orange dress
vintage pantsuit
Ali is very happy with her groovy dress and three gilded mirrors!
beenie hat
Mark enjoys looking around in this fun propeller beanie hat!
Sheri picked up some vintage books, salt & pepper shakers and stencil transfers!
goodjosh2mid century tiled table
Josh from "The Parlor" ( found numerous cool pieces like the above mosaic tile table, pair of green chairs and a classic danish style chair!
Maggie is wearing her new hat and adores her new radio!
vintage lamps
Ellen has a fun design in mind for her very unique lamps!
vintage fan
Kelly will stay cool with her new fan and Heaven found a dressed up troll doll!
Lily is sitting in her vintage & very comfy chair!
vintage black hat with lace
Ashleigh is wearing her new vintage and very elegant black hat with netting!
Jennifer and Brian are standing in front of their new dresser!
happy customers
Allison and Rachel bought two danish style nightstands to go with a previously purchased dresser from Nostalgia!
vintage telephone table
Carly is sitting on her recently purchased vintage gossip bench!
Candace is standing with her shabby chic primitive cupboard!
Marilyn Monroe  Andy Warhol Poster
Brandon is surprising his girlfriend with Warhol's Marilyn!
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